Organifi Green Juice- Info

Did you know that a green juice can help beat diabetes, gout, arthritis, and even the Big C — cancer. Green juice means juicing raw vegetable and fruits, things like spinach, kale, cucumbers, lemons, and a host of other ingredients. The juice captures most of the nutrition so it all goes quickly to work in your body because by rendering it as juice there is little need for digestion. Because the fiber is stripped away, you are left with the nutritional essence. A lot less bulk, little concern for the taste because you can always throw something good tasting in to mask the harsh taste of some vegetables.

Building A Green Juice Recipe
With a 60/40 ratio of vegetables to fruits you can always insure a great tasting juice and one that is nutritionally loaded. Use spinach (always a good green to start juicing with because while it is high nutrition it has a mild flavor). Add celery and cucumbers too it and follow that with an apple, some strawberries and you will have a great juice that tastes great.You may want to check out Organifi Green Juice for more.

While greens are the healthiest food on the planet then fruit comes in a close second. Perhaps you need to be slightly cautious of adding fruit if you are diabetic but don’t let that scare you away because they pack nutrition that helps solve that problem.

You Don’t Like Greens, No Problem
We all need to eat more greens, but if you don’t like them, you won’t. No problem add them to your juice (or into a smoothie if you prefer) and get all the value without a taste problem. You will be able to take in a couple of pounds of greens in this manner because in juice, the nutrition is separated and you consume hi-test food.

Here is a juice that avoids any fruit:
-4 carrots, greens removed
-2 stalks celery
-Handful parsley
-2 cups spinach leaves

This is a great juice and because carrots are sweet and spinach has a very mild flavor it tastes great. Even though the carrots will make it tend toward orange most of the stuff in it is green, so it is a green juice.

Let’s Break It Down:
Carrot Juice Benefits: Beta carotene and vitamin A are what carrots are known for. These nutrients help with lots of things like your eyes. But even more so Carrots work very well in fighting against and protecting you from cancer.

Celery Benefits: If you want to lose weight celery is your juice, and guess what, like carrots it also helps with cancer.

Parsley Benefits: Vitamin C, chlorophyl, and beta carotene. Guess what it is good for, fighting cancer and other chronic diseases.

Spinach Benefits: Spinach is one of the healthiest juices out there and it fights cancer and all of the other stuff the previous juices did. After you are on it a few days you will probably marvel at how healthy your skin looks.